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Baños - Tungurahua - Ecuador

Route of waterfalls

(duration 3 hours - 8$ pax)

10:00 am 
A mix of jungle, waterfalls and rivers in the middle of two national parks: Sangay and Llanganates. Located on the road between Baños-Puyo, waiting to be photographed by all who visit daily, in its passage through this ecological corridor you don’t need a long time to admire each of the waterfalls: close to Agoyán, you can try a swing jump from a bridge, The Brides Vail can be crossed by a cable car, there are tunnels and an impressive waterfall called Pailón del Diablo and a waterfall called Machay where you can go for a walk to enjoy a refreshing swim in its crystal clear waters. This activity is taken through a typical bus called "Chiva" 
Optional bike.

Route of the waterfalls in Banos, Ecuador


Night Tour

(duration 2 hours - 5$ pax)

9:00 pm 
At night we offer a tour, by the typical bus called "Chiva" that lasts 2 hours, and we visit the viewpoint of Bella Vista, strategically placed to appreciate the beautiful city of Baños, and to witness the wonderful spectacle of Tungurahua Volcano. Acompanied by a campfire you can delight your taste buds with the typical drink called Canelazo which is truly Ecuador in cup. 
Return to Baños. 

Night Tour in Banos, Ecuador